The Definition of B2B that Needs to be Understood

The definition of a business-to-business or B2B get foundation eCommerce is a business transaction between business people and other business people in terms of commercials affair. Business-to-business trade includes all businesses that produce goods or services that are supplied to other businesses.

Understanding B2B is a marketing business process in selling products and services to other companies. B2B trade transactions are generally more important than B2C or C2B because the goods traded are not consumer goods or manufactured goods.

B2B transactions occur because of demand when one company bids for raw materials to be used in another company’s production process. Business-to-business business cooperation is generally widely used in the automotive industry, real estate, maintenance, and other fields.

Another type of business is consumer-to-business or C2B, in which businessmen provide services to a business. For example, an influencer who provides reviews for certain branded products.

A company supplies raw materials to a bakery and two companies cooperate on a B2B basis. Bakery factories process these raw materials to produce finished products ready for sale.

This product is then sold directly to consumers, which means that a B2C transaction has taken place between the bakery business and its customers.

B2B companies obviously have a different target audience, as they directly target companies that need raw materials for their production processes. For example, in the automotive industry or car factory, each product requires tires, batteries, and other components related to the production of the car.

The depot assembles all supporting parts until it becomes a complete vehicle with resale value. In other words, when you buy a car, you indirectly buy other parts of the car, such as tires, mirrors, car seats, etc. In this way, the sale of B2B transactions becomes very important for the sustainability of the industrial supply chain.

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